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Monday, 15 April 2013

That Always-Go-Back-To-Album - Part 1

I think everyone has that one record that they always go back to. That one album that you know every word to. The one that still gives you chills. The one that will perpetually strike something inside of you that perhaps no one else will understand. The one that can bring you right back to a completely different chapter in your life.
This can be quite a private thing; your own little morsel of words or noise that you keep close to you.

I decided to ask some people to share their's with me. I asked, friends, musicians, bloggers and people I admire to tell me a little about what makes a particular record so special to them.

Martin Walker - Guitarist of Akord: Oceansize 'Frames'

The album I always go back to is "Frames" by Oceansize.

Frames is so varied and has such a unique and raw sound. Think Radiohead, but with more dirt! The album has 8 tracks all reaching at least 8 minutes long! The reason I continually go back to it is because I always miss something each listen. There are layers in these songs which you wouldn't hear unless you really search for them. Every time i listen to it in it's entirety, I go on a musical journey with a band that pronounce every note. I come away with new ideas of my own.

Although they have now disbanded, Oceansize continue to help me get away from my average life and escape into their world. Every album has something different. However, 'Frames' produces the most power, emotion and musical technicality .

Fave song? A personal favourite is the track "Trail of Fire" which has influenced the way I write my own music. It has a somber start but builds and builds until the double kick is pounding into your ears and Mike Vennert's vocals are causing the goosebumps on your arm.

I have a personal attachment to the song "Savant" and the lyrics are beautiful: "Where others float, you and I crash land"

Anna Pie from 'Pie Thinkings' Blog - OPM 'Menace to Sobriety'

The album I always go back to is Menace To Sobriety - OPM. 

The reason for this... well... It seems every time I go back to listen to it, I actually forget how amazing it is. It was the first parental guidance cd I ever bought and I actually asked my Dad if I could sing along to Stash Up. "I don't give a fuck, not a single fuck, not a single solitary fuck, I don't give a fuck, motherfucker!" at the top of my lungs, when I was 13. Totally. Freaking. Awesome.

Fave song? Brighter Side. Can still remember all the words to it.

Ree Ree from 'Alternatively Lovely' Blog - Ed Sheeran '+'

It's recently been Ed Sheeran's album, its just so soothing to listen to, and suits most of my moods. There aren't many albums I listen to, as I tend to just pick tracks here and there, but Ed Sheeran's does something nice to my soul ;-)

Fave song? Oh so hard to choose! Maybe Drunk?

Elena Dora - Scientist Extrordinaire! Less Than Jake 'Pezcore'

Well, I like it because its the album that shows best what Less Than Jake are about.

It's fun, it's about being young, having a good time, not being too serious. It's silly but also insightful. When I'm in a bad mood Pezcore cheers me up, when I'm sad it makes me smile, when I'm stressed it helps me put things into perspective. If I'm in a good mood it puts me in an even BETTER mood. The ultimate feel good album. I love that its their roughest album but says so much about them and still says so much about them well over ten years later. It's one of those albums that I've listened to for so long that happy memories always come flooding back. It also just makes me want to forget all my responsibilities and just be crazy and have fun (probably not such a good thing now haha). I just associate it with having a good time and partying. But it does make me not want to grow up!

Fave song?: A toss up between My Own Flag and Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts.

My Dad - The man who brought me up to love rock music. Rainbow 'On Stage'

Possible the best photo of me
 and my dad in existence

As far as I can remember is was my first album I ever bought. 
Still holds a lot of teenage memories. Their version of Deep Purple's 'Mistreated' reminds me of first love ending. The album has so many songs for different moods.

Fave song? Catch The Rainbow.  

Gary Addison - Lead Singer/Bassist of Semperfi. Lamb of God 'Ashes of the Wake'

 I would probably have to say "ashes of the wake" by Lamb of God. 

The reasons why that it is modern metal at its finest. Complex grove based riffs with drums to match and vocals that sound like come from the depths of hell itself, this album blew me away when I first heard it and is an album I can listen to from start to finish over and over again. It always shocks me that they play in D standard but they sound so heavy and brutal. 

Fave Song? : My favourite song off the album would probably be "Break you". That opening riff is filled with so much grove and feeling but at the same time it helps show off the band's technical ability and hits you like a tonne of brick. Great band, great song, great album.

Whats yours?
Will be sharing mine very soon.

H x

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