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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mini Inglot Haul

Recently the cosmetics company Inglot has appeared in my city!!! There's literally less than a handful of these stores in the UK so it was great to hear that my little city was getting one! Inglot has actually been around for bloody ages and was established by a chemist (which, as a scientist, gets me a little excited), so the products are well thought out- using only the best ingredients!

Inglot is fab for heavily pigmented colours and they have a vast range of shades to choose from.

So, recenctly I have obtained a few products to try and thought I would do a product review here and also a wee review of the service I received in the store.

YSM Pressed Powder 40
Eye Shadow 'Pearl'
Nail Enamel 967 (a metallic green)
Nail Enamel 341 (a sparkly metallic purple)

Nail Enamel

I wanted to choose nice, dark wintery colours and decided on a nice purple and a metallic green.

I am very pleased with these colours. The green isn't a shade I would normally choose but I decided I wanted to try something different and I'm glad I did. This colour is gorgeous on and oddly goes with a lot of colours I decided to wear this winter.
The purple is beautiful and I wore this for ages. It has small silver,blue and purple glitter particles through it which make this colour pop. The particles are small enough that the enamel dries smooth.
They both apply beautifully- two layers on top of a base coat and you're good to go :) and dry quickly leaving a nice glossy finish.
Would highly recommend and I am keen to collect some more shades!

Pressed Powder

Now, here's what I expect when I walk into a cosmetics store to find a new powder. Someone who knows their stuff. I am used to being asked a variety of questions, for example skin type, what I'm currently using, will I be tanning anytime soon? Or at least something similar, not just 'Can I help?'... So at first I said no, I am fine, just looking. Then I decided I wanted to choose a new powder since I was running out of mine. I asked her about the powders, in particular which one would be good for dryer skin... To this she simply pointed at a couple saying 'these ones are better than those'... Ok. Yes.. That is extremely useful. I now know exactly what to choose.
'You can try some on if you like' she said as she offers me a brush...

OORRR you could do your job and tell me what you would recommend..... I was trying to figure out which shade to choose and not once did she offer to colour match or even remotely discuss skin tone. NOT IMPRESSED SILLY INGLOT LADY.....

I asked her about one that would be similar to MAC's Studio Careblend powder which (which the lovely MAC lady told me was suitable for my skin type- i.e knew her shit). To which she just smiled and kept on pointing at powders.

So in the end, I chose one myself, which was pretty much an exact match to my old powder and went with my instincts. Luckily it was a good choice... Well done me. No thanks to consultant.

The powder is silky to touch and gives a nice light coverage. I use it after applying some concealer (havent been using much foundation lately) and thankfully it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.

It lasts quite well, but like any pressed powder needs a wee top up now and then. But over all I am happy with this powder.

Powder-1, service- 0.

Eye Shadow

Now I love this colour. It's a silky cream colour and is perfect as a funkier base colour. I also use it as a brow highlight. It lasts really well all day and you barely need to apply any as it is very pigmented- so blending is the key. 
Not much more I can say about it really. Need to try a few more colours from Inglot before I can make a conclusion about their eye shadows!

So... I love the products so far. Not too hot on the service I received though.

H xx

My song of today is Blue October (one of my favourite band of all time) with 'Dirt Room'... Enjoy :)


  1. Wow, that sucks that you received such bad service in the Inglot source. You'd expect that the employees would know what they were selling! x

  2. You'd hope so in a cosmetics store! The girl was nice enough, just would have liked to talk to someone who knew more about the cosmetics! ah well, at least the make up itself is lovely :)

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