Google+ Little Bird: June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Karnivool - The New Sound

Karnivool are one of those bands that I never take off the old ipod. Why the hell would I? Definitely one of my favourite bands, they have the ability to give me goosebumps, even on the umpteenth listen. 'Themata' was the soundtrack to my entire summer around 4 years ago, and I still adore that album. They then hit me with 'Sound Awake' which is a work of art. Literally. From start to finish you are taken on this unique adventure through sound, it's chilling, exciting and something every music lover should have in their collection. 

Ian Kenny is probably one of my biggest vocal influences, his voice is soft, yet strong and full of intense emotion; a crucial quality for a vocalist, in my opinion.

There is a massive difference between the first and second album (and an even larger difference from their first musical release 'Persona') - the sound is more mature, more experimental and more technically brilliant.

The new album, 'Asymmetry' is due to be released on July 19th, and about time too, since the last album was released in 2009! All Karnivool fans have been waiting too long and finally the wait is over.

They released a download of one of the album tracks 'The Refusal' and it was given mixed reviews. I'm not going to lie, I was a little unsure to start with -  it sounded raw, even slightly unmixed and I wasn't too keen.  After the 'Sound Awake' album, which is full of loud, layered and beautifully complicated songs, I was expecting something similar I guess.. 

However, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It's darker, both lyrically and musically. The bass is more in your face, the guitars are down-tuned and angry and the bassist (I believe) contributes some serious screaming throughout. I really like it.

A few days ago, they released the first music video from the new album, for their single 'We Are'. This track was definitely a winner from the beginning; the bass at the start drew me straight in. Vocally stunning, musically dark, and the video is quite emotional. Lyrically, so interesting, you can here sincere disdain in Ian Kenny's voice and I want to know what he's singing about, he sounds angry for sure.
So many layers in this song, just listen to the different noises created and how they impact the emotion of the song - something Karnivool always get spot on.

They seem to be moving in a different direction and definitely have something to say. The fade out at the end, leaving only vocals is chilling. Literally cannot wait to hear more and get that new album in my hands!

To me, Karnivool are pretty unique and it's hard to try and compare them to other bands (not that I should or even need to, as they sure as hell hold their own) should you be intrigued. For fans of prog rock for sure, fans of Tool, or maybe even Radiohead and Pink Floyd if that gives you an idea. But they are definitely standing out there on their own.


(My other half met them at Download. Bastard.)