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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Akord - Debut Single Release

If you follow me on thee ol' Twittersphere you will probably have heard me harpin' on about this band called Akord. Well listen up, I'ma do some more harpin'.

So who are they you ask? Well you probably haven't heard of them.. Yet. They're a band hailing from the city of Aberdeen in Scotland consisting of four strapping young lads with far too many guitar strings.
What sort of music you say? Well, how the fuck do I explain.... Are they rock? Well kinda. Are they metal? Not reallllyyyy. Post rock? Maybe a bit. (I hate that bands have to be labelled into categories).. So how do I explain to you...

Ok... Imagine Tool and Karnivool locked together in the sweet embrace of a musical orgy; a passion filled session with some light sweet jazz to set the mood. Incubus loiter in the room to tag in every so often and Biffy Clyro are there to serve the refreshments.

That's Akord.

They've been together for over 2 years, but in the last year, having taken a new singer/bassist on board the Akordship, they have stepped up their game. With a surplus of gigs played last year, they have spent a lot of time and lost a lot of blood, sweat and tears making their debut record which is set to release some time this year.

A hard-working bunch of lads our Akord boys. AAANNNDDD, just yesterday they released their first sexual seed of sound, introducing the debut single from Akord.. 'Set In Your Life'.

The song begins with a dirty riff, set to make you stomp your way down the street - you won't be able to help it, so just embrace the stomp. Imagine a really angry penguin.

The dirty guitars don't let up, it's heavy as balls and the bass tone is fucking spectacular - listen out for the bass solo at about 3:50 funk-fucking-tastic. Get yourself a good pair of headphones to listen with. Trust me. However, the heavyness of the song is complimented very nicely with lead singer/bassist Sandy's melodic vocals, hints of Brandon Boyd and Simon Neil in his voice along with his own unique blend of smooth and rasp. It works, and all through the song guitarists Martin and Arran have their own blend of soft and hard guitar also, really bringing depth to the song and working so well with the vocals.

The two guitarists have a really good partnership; I feel they both have very different styles which mash  together really well. What they do just works.

1:41. Best. Noise. Ever.

At about 2:20, make sure you have a partner, cos you're gonna want to waltz. That's right these boys and their changing time signatures. Pesky bastards.

4:01 -  coolest drum noise. The drum sound in this track is sweeeeet. Drummer Matt does a fab job to really build the song with different drum parts here, there and everywhere and some dam awesome fills. He certainly keeps you on your toes. Trying to head bang to these guys sometimes is painful.

And what a cheeky ending. Dun dun dun dun-dun DUN!!! ;)

The only thing I can say I'm unsure of but I think is growing on me is at 4:10, a small section in the song with a pretty sweet build up. I'm still deciding whether or not I like the vocal part here, however the subtle harmony on it definitely helps to strengthen it. Maybe I need to listen more intently to the words to understand the purpose of the words in this part. Perhaps it's because it's a vocal section that is short, sweet and comes bang in the middle of a huge instrumental section.
But the more I think about it, that's the beauty of Akord, the vocals are an instrument in themselves, having their own sections and not necessarily keeping to the traditional verse, chorus, verse, chorus style. Akord have vocal parts here and there and it's different and I like it! The words in this song are good, no whining- just what I would say is pretty good life advice. Have a listen and see what you think for yourself.

Anyway, thats enough blabbing on. All in all, I love this track. A lot. It has everything I like in a song; I like heavy riffs and something to sing along to with some sweet double bass. It's not my favourite from the record (I'm lucky enough to have heard it!!) but I will be posting another review about that soon enough.. Just you wait, you're in for a treat with the record.

Get listening and downloading 'Set In Your Life', because it's FREE. Thats right kids. Nothing in life comes for free, except this single. Isn't that magical?

You can download it here: and the band aren't asking for any money, however there is an option to pay anything you like for it, so if you're feeling generous - DIG DEEP.

So, I ask.. Are you set in your life?

H x

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