Google+ Little Bird: March 2012

Friday, 16 March 2012

SugarLips Sugar Lip Scrub

Apologies for the lack of posting, I have been SUPER busy with work! But I am currently preparing a wee bundle of posts which will pop up over the next while.

The first of which is a wee review of the SugarLips Sugar Lip Scrub in Lemon Meringue flavour. All I can say is YUM!!

Apologies for the tear, I got excited and ravished the packaging!
 This stuff is just lovely. I saw it in MORE magazine and for some reason it made me buy it (read: I have an online shopping problem, Hi my name's Heather and I'm a shopoholic....*hi heather*).
So, I went with lemon meringue (purely because I had recently had a lemon meringue pie which had stuck in my head because it was DELISH!) but you can also find Strawberry Shortcake and Cherry Pie flavours :)

Firstly, I adore the cute jam jar packaging, much better than your standard lip scrub sticks or pots and for some reason I have a thing for jars -  I don't know why, I see a jar and I just want to use it for something... weird...

So, first thing I did, opened it and stuck my nose in of course. HELLO BEAUTIFUL SMELL. It smells gorgeous, sweet and fruity and I immediately had to try it. Like a good sugar scrub of any kind should be, it is very 'gritty' making it ideal for working away dry skin. For some reason I thought it might be slightly wet inside but it isn't, it's just packed full of lovely lemony sugar! As soon as I tried it I loved it straight away. It doesn't hurt, so I don't feel like I'm cheese-grating my lips, it feels rough but not too rough. I immediately noticed a difference in my lips, and I'm so pleased. My lips feel soft and smooth *mwah*
My lips have been dry for bloody months now as the weather in scotland is forever changing which is reeking havoc on my poor skin!

Why I didn't buy this stuff sooner I don't know. I'd been contemplating heading into town to try the Lush lip scrub I had heard about, but never found the time (hence the growing addiction to the online shopping world!) but I'm glad I found this one!

Oh and did I mention it tastes amazing too?! Yummy :)

So SugarLips Lip Scrub gets a good 5/5 from me (and my now happy lips!).

I purchased my pot from the Missy C website; an adorable website with lovely things, not a great selection at the moment but I do believe it is ever expanding.
It only cost £4 too :) Check it out here.

H x

My song of today is Oceansize with 'Amputee'.. Loving this track just now!