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Little iPod

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Ok... Imagine Tool and Karnivool locked together in the sweet embrace of a musical orgy; a passion filled session with some light sweet jazz to set the mood. Incubus loiter in the room to tag in every so often and Biffy Clyro are there to serve the refreshments.

That's Akord.

Look out for 'Carry the Sound', 'Light the Way'

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The Kennedy Soundtrack

There's a blend of nu-metal, rap, rock, funk, hip hop.. It's a pretty weird infusion of musical styles but I personally feel this completely works. 

Look out for 'Yourself',  'Here 4 You'



Uniquely complicated, dark and exciting. Vocally stunning. An absolute must in a music lovers collection.

Look out for 'Set Fire to the Hive', 'Shutterspeed', 'New Day', Roquefort' 

(basically every song really...)

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