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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Affordable and Easy Manicure!

When I'm relaxing I like to be really girly and sit and do my nails. Recently I've been experimenting with random nail art... I'm not that good at it yet but thought I would post my recent look... Floral nails.
Most people are talking about their winter/xmas nail looks, but there has been a severe lack of snow here, and its really sunny today so I thought I would experiment with a spring/summer nail design :)

Its a really easy look to do and I used very affordable nail polish. Here's what I used: 

Collection 2000 'Mint Mojo'
Collection 2000 'Ninja'
Collection 2000 'French White'
Star Gazer '104'
And I use a wool needle (you can also use a small brush)

 After applying a base coat, I covered the nail in 'Mint Mojo'.


I then used my pink colour and painted on little 'splodges' (for lack of a better word..... )

With my needle I applied the highlight to make the splodges look somewhat like flowers! I used the needle to carefully apply the white (can also use pale pink) around the outside of the pink carefully drawing into the middle to create the appearance of petals.

I then used my needle to apply the darker green ('ninja') to make little triangle like shapes for the leaves :)

EASY! :)

Can even do a little back and red design :)

Quite happy with how this turned out, so will be trying some other ideas! Need to try and perfect doing my other hand first maybe ..... :S

Got some nice Inglot products recently so will be doing a wee review on these soon :)

H xx

Song of today is 'Burn' by The Design, a little addicted to this song at the moment :)


  1. Aww these are lovely :) Far too complicated for me to try though! x

  2. Thanks hun! Its actually surprisingly easy.. going to try a whole bunch of fun looks, have a bunch of nail wraps to play with too :D


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