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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


What makes christmas so good? I am in no way religious- don't care for it at all so it's not that. It's just the perfect time of year to spend some serious, quality time with those you care for the most!
I sometimes don't really get into the festive mood, I no longer work in the city centre where I used to be constantly surrounded by the music, the people and the decorations and lights. I really do like the atmosphere though, and how pretty the city looks at this time of year. What I hate though is the stress that it brings to many. So many people are so worried about getting presents that it almost seems a chore! I used to work in a store  and on christmas eve people would be coming in telling me they were just starting their shopping! It's almost like many don't find this time of year special anymore!

Christmas to me should be about spending time with your nearest and dearest. I spend time with my family and we spoil each other rotten!

It should be about appreciating what you have. I have found the love of my life and can't wait to spend boxing day with him and open all our presents together!

I also have some wonderful friends, particularly my three closest girl friends. I am so lucky to know these ladies and love looking for xmas prezzies for them!

Mostly, it should be fun, silly, stress free. A day to enjoy and remember! This year I have a Voldemort christmas tree in my flat thanks to my brother! I love it!

Forget the stress. Enjoy the time together :)

H xx

My song of today is 'Rise Today' by Alterbridge. And I dedicate it to my lovely friend Anne who recently got engaged to her boy. So happy for you!

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  1. Love you!!! What a lovely blog youve got going on, im enjoying all your views and reviews and i love the photos! Youre so sweet x x x x x x


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