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Friday, 12 April 2013

Five Song Friday

Have a new post series that I am hoping I can keep up with. Five Song Friday aims to bring you the five songs that I am loving at the moment in the hopes that maybe you'll discover something new.

I LOVE hearing about new bands and genuinely get excited when I have new tracks on my ipod to listen to - good excuse to get off my arse and walk to work with my headphones on (thanks to my other half for my amazing headphones!!!).

I go through phases of getting really fucked off with my ipod so I'm constantly searching for new songs in the hopes that I don't lose my faith in the music scene completely.. (If I hear one more song from Taylor Swift I might actually lose my shit).

So here are my 5 picks for this week. 

The Getaway Plan - 'The Reckoning'

You know where's a good place to start when searching for new bands to check out? 
AU-FUCKING-STRALIA. Those buggers know how to produce good music, for example Karnivool - need I say more? I came across this band on spotify on one of my 'keep-clicking-related-artists-until-I-find-something-I-like. This was the first song I listened to and I fell a little in love with it. Not too sure about their other stuff at the moment (a lot of cliche lyrics about stars and wings etc..) but this track I am definitely enjoying.
This song has strong hints of Dead Letter Circus through it (a band which I adore). The singer has a good range on him, not an overly distinctive voice but he definitely has a good set of pipes.
There is an interesting vibe to this song, something very tense about it all - instrumentally it has a cinematic sound to it; could definitely hear essences of it in a film.
Listen loud.

Superchick - 'Cross The Line' (Box Office Blockbuster Remix)

Ok, so not an overly original sound, but I am currently finding this extremely catchy and find myself popping it on quite frequently. However, I would only recommend this remixed version of the song - the original just sounds so empty and bland..... These guys are actually a christian rock band (.........) and I honestly don't know a great deal about them. I had a track called 'Courage' on my ipod when I was a lot younger and I only recently rediscovered them.
I enjoy this song, it's a good, catchy rock song, and fun to sing a long too. Sometimes that's all you need.

Foals - 'Inhaler'

I wish I could remember how I came across this song. It was quite some time ago and I instantly loved it. It's got hints of everything, most notably to me are notes of Idiot Pilot and even early Feeder (think first album), maybe even a bit Queens of the Stonage. It's grungy, a bit funky and just generally weird. It has quite a laid back, snazzy wee intro that you can imagine skipping down the road too, but then breaks into a somewhat intense sounding chorus, followed by riffffffffss. Excellent.
I like songs that mix it up. 

Martin Grech - 'Here it Comes'

I return to this song quite frequently. I am pretty fascinated by the sound that Martin Grech creates. This is a pretty amazing album - with Open Heart Zoo being one of the best tracks on it - won't get into it as there's so much that could be said about that work of art of a track.
Here it Comes is weird, dark song. Dark lyrics accompanied by very Radiohead/Drum & Bass/Nine Inch Nails-esque music. His voice is haunting - I'm really not sure I could draw a comparison, its unique. He doesn't sing clearly and has such a weird tone and can sure hit some high notes.
This song is just a bit of a journey and I highly recommend a first listen through headphones.

Akord 'Carry The Sound'

I'm sure you saw this one coming, so I'll keep it short (and I may a bit biased), but this song is just incredible. It's 6 mins or so long, but certainly doesn't feel it. Such soft vocals accompanied by roaring guitars and a video full of lasers and strobe lights! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE?


H x

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