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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Help Send Akord to Download Festival

Having just won the Kerrang Big Audition (WOOOO!) these guys have embarked on their next big adventure - the opportunity to play Download Festival 2013!

(Read about who Akord are and about their debut single 'Set In Your Life' (which they won the Kerrang thing with!) here)

I spent the weekend helping out on the set of their debut video - hair, makeup, lighting, tea & coffee duty! Was so much fun and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.

Here is the final product of lots of blood, sweat and tears from the lads. The concept is fascinating and really well captured by the brilliant Jamie Bathgate who did all the filming and editing. It really is fantastic and I highly recommend you visit Jamie's youtube page:

So, here's where the fans come in. You need to click this link where you can vote for them (and share on facebook/tweet).
These votes will shortlist all the bands which have entered to 100 bands who go on to be judged and 15 bands will be selected to have the opportunity to visit the Red Bull studios in London. From there, 8 of these bands will get the chance to play the Red Bull stage at the Download Festival in June. Amazing news.

So click the link, vote and remember, sharing is caring.

H x

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