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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Perfect Pout

So, I never used to be a lipstick kind of girl. I didnt like drawing attention to myself and never enjoyed how it looked on me. But in recent years I have become more confident and have realised that all I needed to do was find the right shade and brand for me!

I love the pin up/vintage inspired looks, and I never leave the house without my liquid eye liner on. What I adore about the look is how strong and feminine it is, especially with the bold red lips- it oozes sex appeal and confidence!

So, I have been trying to find a perfect red lipstick for some time now, but as easy as this sounds- it really isn't! I used to work for a cosmetics store and we were required to have strong make up at all times, including lipstick. However, I was not a fan of the lipsticks I was supposed to be selling (how bad!!); these lippys were too dry, didnt last long and the colours of red didnt particularly compliment my skin tones (and especially the colour of my teeth!). Ideally you want a red that makes your teeth look white and your pout fabulous of course.

I own a few that I like, such as an avon one I got for free with an order (forget the shade sorry!) and a '17' one... but there was still something about them I didnt like.

I'm new to the blogging world- I enjoy reading beauty and fashion blogs and learning new tips and tricks. I came across ReeRee Rockette's blog and business 'Rockalily' a while ago and have become a little hooked on her posts- she is real, she is confident and so inspiring.. and sells fabby lipsticks! She speaks about how she wanted the perfect blue based red lippy and so has created her own line.. so of course I had to indulge!! And have been rather impressed by how good this lipstick is!

I do a lot of internet shopping and sometimes I find businesses don't pay that much attention to the packaging aspect. I was pleasantly surprised when I received this wee parcel. I love the pic of the lippy and of course the saying on the front. 'Life is too short not to wear red lipstick'.. How lovely! Even the lipstick box is nice!! I normally throw away the boxes, but I am definitely keeping this one.
I ordered one of her limited edition shades 'Sailors Beware'. It is blue based (perfect), semi gloss and GORGEOUS! Not only do I love the names of all her lippys (Roulette Red, Pompadour Pink..), the colours are strong and beautiful!

I'm more than happy with this lipstick. It stays on FOR AGES :D, my lips don't dry out, it is very strongly pigmented and I feel really confident wearing it.
It's bloody cold in scotland, so I'm all wrapped up in a hoody and hat, but thats not stopping me from adding a splash of colour with my new lippy :)

Not the best photo- couldnt even get the whole word 'Rockalily' in. Won't be giving up my day job to become a photographer anytime soon!!!!

So, find ReeRee Rockette and her wonderful lippys at She also sells beautiful bandanas too! Check it out!

Anyway time to do some work, while I await the impending doom that is the dentists.......

H x

My song of the day is something different... I recorded this song with my brother and is our own arrangment (in english) of Rammstein's 'Sonne'.. which we have obviously named 'Sun'.. See what you think...


  1. aaaaaah-mazing! I need to get my hands on some of these!

  2. Absolutely! Its a fab product!Can't wait to expand my collection!


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