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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bionic Contact Lenses?!?!

Technology is ever evolving. We are forever finding new levels of convenience- sometimes I find these to be pretty impressive, other times I don't see the point....

In this case- I really don't see the point..

Apparently a group of scientists are working on developing a rather special contact lens. They intend on creating a lens which would allow the wearer to visualise information, i.e. we could read texts, emails or be used with computer games, or perhaps the better (read: useful) option of being able to read glaucoma levels (i.e. pressure levels within the eye)- the only way I could see this piece of technology being of scientific use.

One interesting reason put forward as to the usefulness of this technology is how it could be of use to the hearing impaired. It could provide warnings (whatever they may be) which could significantly help, however, this would involve wearing these lenses all the time surely? Plus, how expensive will they be?- I'm going to go with VERY.

Oh and I guess there would have to be rules put in place about wearing them while driving? Surely it would be dangerous if a text suddenly pops up in your field of view? DISTRACTING MUCH?

I love science, especially when it comes to science of the eye (kinda my job..) but this just seems a little silly. Do we really need this? Is it really going to make receiving information any more convenient? To be honest I would find it annoying and probably pretty uncomfortable.
Let's stick to funding research into ways to help the visually impaired....

What do you think?

You can read the article on BBC News here or read the scientific paper here.

H x

My song of the day shall be 'Passionflower' by Jon Gomm. This is beautiful, incredible, and beyond impressive. Gorgeous.

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