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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Little Vintage Find

Now, I'm not normally a brooch person, I used to never see the point in a brooch- I always preferred other forms of jewellery- namely a pretty necklace. But I was having a rummage through my jewellery box and I came across this gorgeous little thing. I totally forgot I had it (shameful!). I dont normally wear gold as I am not a fan of gold jewellery but I inherited this little dude when my nana passed away about 16 years ago,along with some other vintage jewellery and I cant believe I havent been rocking it! So it went straight onto my outfit!

Recently, there seems to be a lot of vintage inspired fashion ranges (with a modern twist) around, so I thought I would have a look at some other brooches and I have found some gems that would instantly lift any outfit! I tend to internet shop, so have decided to look for the more unusual items that couldn't be found on the highstreet :)

This little 1950's inspired poodle is only £9 from!

Love this!

Or how about this GORGEOUS teapot and teacup brooch by Jodie Anna on, it's only £9.99!

Weird and wonderful!
Or how about this rather unusual elvis pin!! £5.81 by Skull Candy Designs on

Or even this gorgeous little anchor pin! £6.45 by tracisallymaxx on

I adore swallow jewellery and this brooch is just lovely. £6.50 by Lucie Ellen at .

Nice little vintage inspired christmas gifts I reckon...

H xx

Think my song of today has to be the quirky Jerry Reed with 'She got the goldmine (I got the shaft)'.

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