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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Love Your Local - Sound Collider

Sound Collider - 'Characterised By Delusional Fantasies Of Wealth & Power' 
Released 2012
Look out for: 'Trip Up' and 'We'll Dance'

So, you're an angst ridden teen, got your converse and your ripped jeans, and you're living in the basement of your parent's house, in the 90's. You need some music to go along with this? Sound Collider's album 'Characterised By Delusional Fantasies Of Wealth & Power' might do the job.

"The name SOUND COLLIDER comes from some of the members interest in the Hadron Collider and what kind of comparisons could be made with a band going through this kind of process/cycle and imagining it in a sonic form. We imagine that as with everything there is a starting point and with every revolotion this band will change and evolve its sound hopefully acheiving longjevity."

Sound Collider bring quite a wee mix of genres together; you can hear traces of Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and even the Violent Femmes in parts. Grungy, bassy music with soft vocals and good harmonies - you can tell a lot of work was put into this album and I feel that it's an interesting cocktail of music that's sure to appeal to a variety of people.

"Our sounds change and collide from one song to the next we sound like rage and revenge with a little love thrown in."

The album opens up with a very industrial feeling song, much akin to Nine Inch Nails for sure. 'Meglomania Pop' sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to The Crow. A song full of distortion and bassy goodness; a good way to start an album and maybe draw in a wee goth or too -  the inner goth in me had a little bounce anyway.

They then change direction with next song 'She Talks' and bring us a very indie sound that you would definitely hear down the pub -  pretty sure I can even hear hints of Blondie in this one. Reminds me of The Knack.... Anyone else?

"We are influenced by all kinds of music From Metal to Country as well as science , religion and the state of the world.

A song usually starts with an idea like a riff which we all glue our own parts to which eventually evolves into a song."

 I think the songs that stick out the most for me are 'Trip Up' and 'We'll Dance'. 'Trip Up' gets straight to the point, bringing you some fun bass and a catchy chorus with trippy noises thrown in every now and then and almost has a wee horror punk feel to it. Really good vocals in this song with great harmonies - you're sure to like it. Could see it in an indie film somewhere...

'We'll Dance', vocally, has a pretty cool theatrical feel to it which is why it stood out a bit more. It has a really good chorus, the sort that gets stuck in your head, which is a good sign, and is generally a pretty laid back feeling song. 

The album finishes with 'Road to Emptiness'. The reason I like this song as a finisher is purely for the random middle section which suddenly transports you into Sonic. Literally feel as though you're sitting inside your sega megadrive collecting rings... 
The song also has a nice Manic Street Preachers feel in parts.. Pretty cool.

"Hopefully people enjoy our music and it will evoke some sort of feeling or emotion but most importantly at gigs we just want people to enjoy themselves."

The album is full interesting sounds, good bass lines, nice harmonies and so much distortion you'll feel stuck inside an untuned TV. But, it works.

"Come and see us live when we start gigging our new material and in the meantime check out our website

Our album "Characterised by delusional fantasies of wealth and power" is available for free download on soundcloud which there are links to via our website. We are currently writing our new album which has a different feel to the last which we are going to begin recording in the next few weeks."

What do the guys think of the Aberdeen music scene?

"There are alot of great and talented bands in Aberdeen but hopefully we can bring something a bit different. There are some pretty good venues as well but One up closing was a big blow to Aberdeen music."

H x

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