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Monday, 15 July 2013

Love Your Local - Jaimie Wren

Jaimie Wren 'Kites' EP
Release date: June 2013
Look our for: 'Purple Flowers'

Celtic inspired singer-song writer Jaimie Wren has launched her debut EP onto the world; a short, 4 track project which she describes as 'pop based acoustic music with celtic influence'. 'Kites' is a short, sweet and sombre sounding record. It is full of soulful vocals and simplistic music, highlighted with the lovely fiddle which features heavily in her Scottish sounding debut.

There's something haunting about this record, particularly with the closing track 'Waltz Alone' (confusingly named since it's in 4/4 timing..... Literally annoying myself... I'm a pedantic moron). This song is beautiful, with an almost 80s feel to it. I could definitely hear Kate Bush singing this song. I think this song would sound great live with a huge band behind her. It's quite an emotional sounding song and when asking Jaimie how she would describe her sound, she said:

"Honest and soulful with melodies that captivate the listener. I am hoping to achieve an honesty with my song writing which in effect will move the listener"

I think she achieves this quite nicely.

'Purple Flowers' is a track I quite like. It reminds me a little of something Emma's Imagination would write; a sweet little folky number. The song brings some nice harmonies and honest lyrics and I feel that it's the kind of track that would fit well with a summer's drive.

I have been inspired by many great musicians but my main influences have been Damien Rice, Adele and Emeli Sandé. I like singer - songwriters that give a bare account of a story told through great lyrics that reach you through a powerful voice that can deliver pure emotion. A sense of honesty. I think people who inspire you will always have a footprint on your work.

'Under Seas' is vocally beautiful. Jaimie's voice is akin to Birdy in parts and you can hear her vocal influences strongly resonating through this song. Her natural vibrato and subtle inflections make her voice sound really real. Does that make sense? Raw, natural.

The title track, 'Kites', musically, really reminds me of Blue October in parts (literally one of my favourite bands on this planet. Ever). It's definitely the fiddle that makes me think this, as Blue October have the fiddle featuring very heavily  particularly in their earlier stuff. I think this instrument brings something so interesting to a song -  it brings a whole new wave of emotion to Jaimie's record. I believe when she performs live, it's just her and her guitar - would be nice to see her on stage with a backing band one day so people can fully appreciate her songs.

"When I first started writing songs I penned the lyrics first as I couldn't play an instrument then and i'd sing a melody to the words. I started tinkering on the piano and the music side of it started coming together. I have found myself sitting at the piano or playing around with my guitar and some chords or a melody just start flowing and the lyrics come after. So it really just depends which comes first."

Jaimie Wren has been playing around Aberdeen a lot, and I wanted to know what she thinks of the music scene up here:

"Aberdeen has a pretty good music scene, there are a lot of talented musicians in and from Aberdeen. I think there needs to be a bit of an injection into the arts scene in general so that there are more opportunities for artists."

I also like to ask musicians who their musical dream team would be, i.e. if they could pick any other musician in the world to form a band with, who would they choose?

I would love to pick Damien Rice, Adele and Emeli Sande just because it'd be cool to hang out with them -  I think it would be a bit of an insult to have amazing singers as backing singers though. But it would be really cool! Ok to answer your question I'd have Damien Rice on Guitar, Jools Holland on piano, Dave Grohl on Drums, Timothy B Schmidt on Bass, Vivienne Long on Cello and Natalie Brown on Fiddle with a selection of talented musicians playing various percussion. (Natalie actually played on my EP and for the launch night. She is seriously talented and I would love to work with her again) So there's my mix.

'Kites' is a pretty nice record, really easy listening and I look forward to hearing what she will bring out next.
She is now taking her music to Manchester, and I hope this EP will be the start of something good for her. You can find out more about her music by clicking the links below:


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