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Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Finds - Valentines Theme

Today I have chosen a lovely Valentines Day theme. Now, this is for both the single and the taken ladies! I have found some items that would be just perfect for the occasion (and for any other time really!) from online stores that I think you will love!

Impress your man or just make yourself feel fabulous... How about this STUNNING ensemble from 'What Katie Did'. I'm a sucker for leopard print, and when teamed with underwear it is very sexy. What Katie Did sells a range of fabulous vintage inspired lingerie, perfect for your inner vixen! This suspender belt costs £32.50 and is gorgeous (and perfect for smoothing out your belly!) and the bra is £37.50 and made with slightly see-through material so you can be a total tease! Find this range along with many other beautiful sets at :)

And for accessories, how about this rather unique piece of jewellery? This Etsy seller creates the most unique jewellery! This 'I Only Have Eyes For You' (get it) necklace is pretty cool. It works for the theme of this post and appeals to my weird sense of humor (and I'm a scientist by day who specialises in eyes!). LOVE THIS. You can find the 'Bottled Up Creations' store here where you will find this unusual piece for £9.74! 

For Valentines day MAC are promoting three fabulous shades of lippy to make you feel glamorous! From left to right we have a deep brown-red called 'Dare you', a yellow-red called 'Cockney' and a beautiful berry called 'Hang Up'. The collection is called 'A Shade of Red for Every Heart' -  how lovely! Each cost £13.50 and can be found online (or in store depending on your location).

How about those nails? I chose these two shades to show you as they are both gorgeous and appeal to different moods; we have the red 'DO YA THINK I'M SEXY?' for, well, looking sexy and the pink 'CANDY SHOP' for a cuter, softer look. They are both glitters and my experience with Deborah Lippman nail polish is positive; great colours and great staying power! You can find them online here at $18 each :)

Night in? Whether its by yourself, with some ladies or cosying up with your man, why not cosy up with this pretty jumper! I love this and its only £12.99 on!

How about something super cute? It's bloody cold in scotland so here are some perfect little heart shaped ear muffs to keep you warm! They are only £7.99 by Accessoryo and can be found here. (I was going to show you these awesome heart shaped glasses they have which they sent me, however I can no longer see them on the website and havent had the chance to take a photo yet! Will try and do that soon as they are super cute!).

Got a date? I found this beautiful, romantic styled, little black dress on Etsy (can you tell I love Its classy, but sexy too with one little laced shoulder strap. Teamed with some beautiful heels and you're good to go. This can be found at the Inbal S store on or by clicking here and is only £35.70. Gorgeous.

Anyway, just a few lovely things for you to look at!
Keep checking back for a post about my recent experience with a hot wax manicure and a review of two newly purchased Rockalily shades, including the new ZOMG!

H xx

My song of today is 'Three Libras' by A Perfect Circle as it makes me think of my wonderful boyfriend :) (aaahh, what a sap!)


  1. What a cute post! I want to buy/get some of this things soon :)
    Mary from ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you! I know I literally want to go on a massive spending spree!


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