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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Violet Delight

How to Get Pastel Purple Hair

I have recently changed my hair colour (yet again). I'm never happy with how it looks and forever changing it. I've had it blonde, bright red, dark red, black, brown and now I'm back at blonde. Anddddd, I got bored again. So I thought I would experiment with colour! If you've read my  early 2012 wishlist post you will see that I quite like the idea of having pastel purple tones through blonde hair. (I also quite like it all over but I'm not up for that just yet!).

So I tried it and I love it!

This is me on the left looking utterly stupid. But you can see the purple through my hair :) (oh and thats my silly best friend Anne - hi anne!).

So here's how it's done:

You will need a lovely purple hair dye, preferably semi-permanent. The one I used is La Riche Directions in 'Violet'

Then simply mix one part Violet to two parts hair conditioner (any one will do, just whatever is in your shower!)
The colour should probably be a little darker than this shown below.

Then, simply section your hair and apply to the desired strands of blonde/bleached hair :) Best to do this with tin foil (I did not as was in a rush, hence the mess!) Leave for approx 20 mins and wash out :)


Quick, easy and affordable. Doesn't last too long so if you want it looking great be sure to redo every 10 days or so.

You can purchase Directions hair dye for a good price on amazon here and they often send you a free brush too :D

H x

Song of today is 'Purple Rain' by Prince. A STUNNING song, and well, it has purple in the name, kinda appropriate huh?

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