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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dreamy Dermalogica

If you haven't heard of GlossyBox, then what is wrong with you?! OK, so I may have only discovered it a couple on months ago, but still.... it's amazing!
Every month you get sent a beautiful little box of wonders. Its full with some top of the range samples to try and is a fantastic way of discovering new products :)

Pretty little box :)

So, pretty sure I fell in love my october box, and here's the reason why... DERMALOGICA!! October's box came with a delightful picnic of dermalogica products from their AgeSmartTM range and they are just lovely! OK, so I maybe be only in my early twenties, but there's no harm in preventing the signs of ageing skin right?!

Yummy :)

This product is such a treat for my skin cells! Its a cross between the Body Shop's vitamin C microrefiner (discontinued) and an old warming facial scrub Neutrogena used to do (I believe). As soon as you pour some onto your hand you can feel it working as you can feel the heat it gives off! Just washed with warm water for a few mins (the heat from the scrub feels amazing) and my skin felt noticeably smoother and cleansed!
I am always cautious when trying out new skin products as my skin is dry and sensitive due to having eczema :( ... however, this product was gentle on my skin and didnt dry it out and I felt no sensitivity, despite the fine particles in the scrub! Happy days!

Massive fan of this one! This face mask is full of antioxidants to help the skin stay protected daily. Once again after using this I straight away noticed a difference in the feel of my skin! I put this mask on for about 15 minutes (looked a little jaundiced due to its orangey colour, but hey, when do girls every look sexy with a facemask on!!) and then washed off with warm water and then rinsed with cold. My skin feels amazing after use, cleansed and even moisturised and it leaves a nice healthy glow. Probably best for use once a week (and works even better after a good scrub with the Thermafoliant!)

MASSIVE FAN! This is probably my favourite product from the box this month. Its just ACE! I had pretty sore lips from this damned cold weather we're having in Scotland. BUT, Dermalogica to the rescue!! This lip treatment left my lips noticeably better after about 2 days! It's not too sticky, it dries in well, I can wear it under lipstick or on its own and I love it I love it I love it :). Hence why I could not take a pic of my own sample of it as it has been used to death!

Anyways, links are in the text if you fancy checking any of the products out. If not you should still check out, highly recommended!

I leave you with my song of the day today.... Fair to Midland - 'Musical Chairs'

H xx 

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