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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I see hobbits.

So Ed Sheeran isn't someone I'm a fan of really.. Didn't think I would post about him, but hey ho, here we are.

He's written the song for the credits of the new Hobbit film, as suggested by Peter Jackson's daughter. I'm pretty undecided about the choice of artist for this task, I was expecting a more classic sounding voice maybe..... He's a bit of a hobbit himself.. Maybe that was the idea.

It's an OK song, I guess maybe a bit dreich but I quite like the guitar work and apparently he played the violins himself, having never played before which I will give him props for.
However, there is one thing that really bugs me about it and that's the slightly obvious choice of lyrics.. 
'I see fire inside the mountains'
 'And with that shadow upon the ground I hear my people '
'Desolation comes upon the sky'

I guess that was the idea, to keep it very much related to the movie; I was however, left waiting for the line 'And there goes Bilbo... Inside the mountain'.

I like soundtrack songs to be related but not too obvious; some sort of subtle hint of the story that doesn't give too much away and could perhaps be related to something else.

But hey, I don't mind this song but DAMN am I looking forward to the film!!

H x

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