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Friday, 22 November 2013

Guest Post: Influence of Music on Fashion - ReeRee Rockette

ReeRee Rockette. Who is she? She desribes herself as a 'Glamorous Geek, Coffee Lover, Rockalily Head Roller' but this doesn't say enough. She is an incredible business woman, owning Rockalily Cuts and writing/speaking about owning a business to many others. She blogs, she writes, she dyes her hair awesome colours.. So what does that have to do with my music blog?

I've been a reader of ReeRee's lovely blog for some time now. She focuses a lot on alternative fashion, particularly vintage/pin up inspired and I really admire her creativity but I have to say I was surprised when I first saw her talk about her taste in music.

You know when you see someone with a particular fashion sense you assume a particular musical genre would be their cup of tea and we are pleasantly surprised when they name a band you wouldn't expect. I think this is totally daft personally, but it happens and it's hard to avoid as there is a culture attached to music and fashion sense plays heavily into this.

ReeRee has kindly agreed to share her thoughts on this.

My appearance is pretty deceiving.  I'm heavily tattooed, have multi-coloured hair, and may well be wearing vaguely alternative clothing. The most common misconception that people seem to have about me is based around what music they presume I listen to. The look of surprise that crosses people's faces when they learn I don't listen to rockabilly music used to frustrate me, but now just amuses.

My music choices aren't particularly 'alternative' in the traditional sense, but perhaps in the semantic sense they are, since very few of my peers enjoy the same tracks as I do.

I always say that we can't help which music makes our souls happy, and that's truly how I feel about it. It feels odd to me how happy certain songs can make my inner core, but they do. That deep place in your chest that aches when your favourite song is played is not unique to any of us, even if the types of songs that create that bursting feeling are!

For 15 years I've loved UK garage. In my younger days I raved to it, and although I'm no longer a regular clubber, UK garage still provides much of the soundtrack to my life. 

It isn't just dance music that speak to my soul, I'm also quite a pop fan. Britney, Justin, P!nk are all long standing favourites, along with the new addition of Ed Sheeran.

So, no. I don't jive or swing, but you may well find me bopping my head to Craig David ;-)

I love this. Music is so personal to each of us.

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