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Friday, 17 May 2013

5 Song Friday: 5 Tracks That Make Me Feel Like I'm In A Movie

I've always been a day-dreamer. When I was a kid, I was constantly imagining myself in some alternate fantasy having bizarre adventures -  they usually involved pretending to be a fairy with my friend Pie (she was always a talking dog....). Pretty sure we managed to convince ourselves we were actually fairies at one point.. I spent a good amount of time in my car pretending I was piloting a TIE Fighter; partly due to boredom, partly due to epic music.

Do you ever hear a song, and it immediately transports you to some other place? I have this annoying habit of hearing a song and imagining which scene in some imaginary movie it would fit best. I don't know whether it's my over-active imagination or the song-writer has succeeded in conveying the emotion they set out to proclaim.

I sometimes hear a song and it hits me like a wall of emotion; not necessarily the lyrics, but the music. The words may have nothing to do with the place it takes me; sometimes it's the vibe of the song that can be enough to cause me to well up, or get my heart racing.

I do this a lot. It mostly happens in my car or when I'm walking with my headphones on. I love it. Pretending for a small amount of time that I'm in a film; I'm running away from some crazy drama or I'm off to save the world!

This Friday I thought I would share the songs that really push my imagination into overdrive. The songs that as soon as I heard them the first time I was hooked and I was in my head -  right in the corners...

'Into Dust' - Mazzy Star

As soon as I first heard this song I kinda froze. It's so beautiful. To me, it' sounds desperately sad. I think it's a love song of sorts; but I truly don't know. It talks of 'two strangers turning into dust' - maybe a sad goodbye? I don't know. I just know that when I heard it, it took me to a sad scene in a film; the idea of losing someone close and struggles that follow to come to terms. Things moving in slow motion.
Makes me sad when I hear this. I don't like feeling sad, but I like this song.

Dead Island Trailer Theme - Giles Lamb

God, this piece of music is beautiful. I am a bit of a gamer, however I have never played the Dead Island games. I saw the trailer for it, and this music made me want to cry. If this was in a film, I would imagine the main protagonist walking away from a terrible accident, where they had lost someone or something close to them. There would be tears, blood and it would be gut wrenching. The kind of emotion whereby it's hard to breathe but all you want to do is scream.

'Happy Together' - Filter

I. Love. Trailer. Music. It's one of my favourite parts of a trip to the cinema. I adore the trailers. The way they make the film look so exciting, but especially the intense music. When I was at the pictures lately the trailer for the Great Gatsby came on and this song was playing. I was hooked. This is a strange twist on the original version by The Turtles; which is a happy little love song. This version makes it almost take on a whole new meaning; it's desperate, almost chilling. The vocals are so impassioned; filled with almost agonising emotion . It almost sounds like a one-sided love song... Hmm.. Maybe a bit 'stalker-y'...
I don't know, but I love it, I love it, I love it.

'The End' - Blue October

Ah, Blue October. This band will most likely have a whole post to themselves at some point as they hold an immensely special place in my heart.
This song is madness, and I don't need to use my imagination too much. This song speaks for itself, and is a terrifying, sick tale of a desperate man. I love the intensity of the story; described by lead singer Justin as a tale of 'how people can be taken to that point where they would actually harm another through jealousy and pride...'.
Upon listening to this song, you can so clearly picture every single moment as it is described. It gave me chills when I first heard it.

'Walk' - Dead Letter Circus

I love this band. They're pretty fabulous. This song, straight away fills me with excitement; it gets my heart racing. It's the kind of song that can cause you to accidently speed when driving as you get so caught up in it. Through the various layers of this song and the delay effect on the guitars I am taken to some sort of chase/escape scene. I don't know why really. It must be the madness of this song. I imagine running or driving really fast, escaping from a life you no longer want. Amazing song.

There are so so so so many songs that I could talk about, so I'll maybe do another post some time. But here are some more songs that make me want to be in a film.....

'Change' - Deftones

'Amputee' - Oceansize

'Open Heart Zoo' - Martin Grech

28 Days Later theme

'Enter The Machine' - Arch Enemy

H x

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