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Monday, 27 February 2012

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Man, I freaking love shoes. Like a lot. The annoying this is that I just don't have the pennies to buy all the many pairs my heart does so desire. However, recently I just couldn't help myself when I saw these random looking sexual beings on ebay.

They are wedges with a gorgeous leopard print design on the heel.

But I think what really drew me to buy these was the quirky wing effect on the sides of the shoes! If you know me, you will know that I am drawn to anything leopard print and anything with a wing design! All it's missing is a number 7 printed on them and I'd have my favourite things :) (not really.. I just have a love for the number 7!)

I've never really bought wedges, always seemed to have overlooked them, but LLLOOOOOKKKK at them! In love. I shall be skipping around in these lovelies on friday night at my best friends engagement party :) Im going to mix patterns and team these with a lovely black floral dress I bought... I dont even care.

You can find these lovelies here for a very good price too!!

I had a wee scan through the net for some other unusual wedges too and found some beautiful ones!

Fancy looking like a total badass? These are AMAZING and can be found here on Etsy.

Or you could look like you should be married to Willy Wonka. These are adorable! SO cute and only £16.99 here on ebay!

Or how would you like to potentially break your ankle? It's a price to pay for the luxury of wearing these pretty things. Find them here with other design options too!

I am officially lusting over these. They are BEAUTIFUL. Find them here!

H xx

My song of today is 'Virgin' by Manchester Orchestra. Gorgeous song!


  1. I'M TRYING TO STOP BUYING SHOES!! DAMN YOU WOMAN! They are gorgeous though...

  2. They're all stunning! Especially the winged ones and the studded ones! *drool*

    1. I know, the studded ones are amazing too, just a little pricey for me though!

  3. WOAAAH those winged leopard print beauties are amazing, never seen anything like them! perfect purchase :)

    Drea xo

    1. I know, they're sooo comfy as well! I adore them! Thanks :) x


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